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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shelby County Magazines: Branding at a Distance

When the Shelby County Reporter set up shop in central Alabama way back in 1843, it could not have foreseen that Shelby County would one day be the wealthiest and fastest-growing county in the state. But the newspaper kept up with the times, and two years ago, it started a series of niche magazines: Shelby Living, the Shelby Bride Guide, and Alabama Wellness.

These are full-color, nicely-designed lifestyle mags, but they’re also distributed free of charge--which means that the way they’re displayed has a lot to do with their perceived value. So when Shelby County Newspapers launched these new niche publications, they also purchased several hundred sleek, modern acrylic magazine stands.

They knew that these stands would be have a lot to do with creating a brand identity for the new publications, so they sought a sharp, crisp, easily-recognizable sticker that would stand out at a distance as customers approached the stands.

Why did Matthew Allen of Shelby County Newspapers choose Custom Sticker Makers?

“Honestly, it was originally by just searching the web for a vendor that could provide us with a good price,” he told us. “I landed on the CSM website and felt comfortable because it was easy to navigate and I could get an instant quote right there.” He went on to note that CSM got the repeat business after a job well done.

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