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Friday, January 13, 2012

When the Powder Gets Deep : Nothing Better Than Meier Skis

Nestled in the heart of ski country, is a little town called Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and what better location for a handmade ski company to be based out of? 

Handmade ski company, Meier Skis creates top of the line skis from locally grown lumber. Meier believes that “There is nothing better than riding Colorado slopes on native Colorado wood.” They offer a  variety of skis, all while maintaining a classic look to their designs, and showcasing the beautiful wood that the skis are made from.

We recently printed a bunch of stickers for Meier, and if you have ever set foot in a ski resort, it’s no doubt that skiers love stickers. Meier uses their stickers to promote and advertise their business. Everyone loves free stickers, and Meier has utilized this fact to get free advertising when people stick their stickers around town and on their vehicles.

If you are a powder lover, make sure you check out From the bunny slopes to the steeps, they have a ski for you!