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Friday, April 2, 2010

High Energy Band Promo: The Last Second

Hard-rocking, high-volume, well-crafted punk/rock and roll--those who've been hooked by the likes of the Ramones, Green Day and the Buzzcocks (and you know who  you are) need a regular fix, and The Last Second is just the band to provide it. Combing thoughtful and melodic songwriting with uptempo, tight rhythms and plenty of volume, the original compositions of this Boston-area band recall some of the best of these influential bands while retaining their own distinctive sound.

Since getting started in 2008, this high-energy rock band has become known in the Boston live music scene for its powerful yet well-crafted songs, picking up new fans and followers at every show.

On-the-ground, word-of-mouth advertising and promotion is important for The Last Second (as it is for almost any band that has yet to sign a major recording contract). By sending their custom stickers home with audience members, The Last Second encourages fans and new converts to remember what a good time they had, and to share their new favorite band with others. Band stickers also indispensible for posting in clubs, record stores, and other such venues where current and future fans can be found.

"The initial customer service response from CSM was outstanding and prompt," said Andrew Footrub, The Last Second's bassist. "CSM also promised to make a deadline and met it with no problem."

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