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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MADShirtz and AnythingOnShirts: Custom T-Shirts Love Custom Stickers

When "Crazy" Jason Grossman started MADShirtz and AnythingOnShirts back in 2004 with $400 worth of cheap screen-printing equipment in his garage, he may not have envisioned where he would be, five years later: a fully digital direct to garment printing house. (Then again, maybe he did: this guy's known for setting things on fire, and he's certainly never been accused of thinking small.) Both custom shirt printing companies now operate out of the same location in Prescott, Arizona--MADShirtz as a local business storefront, and AnythingOnShirts as an online design and store center for businesses and artists nationwide. Both businesses have a focus on environmentally and socially responsible printing practices, featuring brands like American Apparel and Anvil Organics.

Grossman's vision had always been to provide a way for his clients to get their art, ideas, and/or name out there to the public at large without spending a fortune or sacrificing design integrity.  Now, he and the team at AnythingOnShirts have expanded offerings to include a free online Web store, giving their clients an opportunity to focus on the art, ideas and marketing behind their t-shirt design, while AnythingOnShirts takes care of production, shipping and billing.

As far as custom stickers go, Jason and the team give out MADShirtz and AnythingOnShirts stickers free with each and every order, which comes to about 250 stickers a quarter. They also offer sticker printing services to their own clients (often focusing on the same design featured on a t-shirt, offering a natural extension of a marketing campaign) with Custom Sticker Makers as their sole provider.

"Our clients have always been thrilled with both the quality and prices of their stickers," said Grossman. "Their service is second to none, and their capabilities continue to amaze us." He also notes that he's consistently amazed at where he sees his own stickers wind up.

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