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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Got A Sweet Tooth? Luckee Dutch Delivers Tasty Treats

It’s the Holiday Season, and who doesn’t love all of the scrumptious homemade treats this time of year?

We recently printed a bunch of labels for family owned and operated bakery, Luckee Dutch. They feature delicious baked items with an emphasis on specialty gourmet cookies. Luckee Dutch cookies and pastries are made with only the freshest and finest ingredients available.

Each cookie is individually packaged in a sealed bag with a Custom Sticker placed on the front of the bags to identify that these yummy treats are made only by Luckee Dutch. Their custom stickers include their company logo, phone number, and website, which looks great, and help brand their business too!

After searching online for reasonable pricing for sticker products, Luckee Dutch “found Custom Stickers to have the best pricing and clear ordering instructions. And they have great customer service!”

To order your own artisan cookies at any time of the year - and at reasonable prices to boot - visit Luckee Dutch online at

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Custom Bicycle Stickers: Levity406 has the right idea!

We have been printing  Levity406’s custom bike stickers for a few years now, and we recently interviewed them about their company and custom sticker needs. Here’s what they had to say: 

lev·i·ty  (lev´i tē), n. 1. lightness of mind, character, or behavior, esp. lack of appropriate seriousness or earnestness.
406 (four-oh-six), n.  1.  Montana’s area code.

“ ‘Levity406’ is a partnership formed as an exercise in solidarity between bicyclists. (And as a possible channel for partners, Will and Eric, to transcend abject poverty—a weird wanderjahr that has us travelling hopefully without the prospect of ever arriving.)  By applying our sociological imaginations we have come to better understand the relationship between life on a juiced up hobby horse and the built environment—five ‘o’clock traffic and all.  Specifically, we try to locate that point which lies at the intersection of bicyclists and our car culture.  It is at that point that we encourage solidarity among bicyclists by designing and dispensing articles of symbolic communications.  The medium is a billboard writ small, intelligent, simple and poignant stickers."

“Bumper stickers have long entertained, infuriated, and sometimes dismayed the occupants of the car behind!  Levity406 stickers are the logical extension of bumper stickers for bicyclists—and that’s what we do.  The three Levity406 bike stickers are our business!”

When we asked why he chooses CSM for all of their custom sticker printing needs, owner Eric,  went on to say – “CSM has been awesome!  Friendly ink,  quality stickers, quick turnaround, terribly nice people—need I say more?”

You can view and purchase these custom bicycle stickers online at:  for individual sticker sales  for wholesale (20 pack)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Branding: Howie's Hockey Tape Knows How

If you own your own company, you know the importance of branding, and what better way to brand your business than inexpensive custom stickers?
Based in Grand Rapids, MI, right in the heart of hockey country, is Howie’s Hockey Tape. Howie’s sells high quality hockey tape, laces, and mouth-guards to individuals, pro shops and even universities across the country. And they give away stickers with every order, increasing their name and brand recognition with each shipment that is sent (And the stickers look great too). 

Howie’s Hockey Tape chooses Custom Sticker Makers as their sticker printer because they “appreciate the quality of the stickers” that we provide. 

So, if you or your team or school is in the market for the highest quality hockey tape, laces and more, check them out, and get some awesome custom stickers with your order!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Teen Pulse : Teaching Responsibility Through Music

Youth performing arts organization, Teen Pulse is on a mission to teach social responsibility through the arts.  Founder Skye (‘Coach K’) Kooyman started Teen Pulse while she was still in high school to create a feeder program for her high school drumline.  In college, she went on to study music education, earned her degree and teaching credential, and grew Teen Pulse in southern California throughout those years.  She is now working on creating percussion and student leadership programs that can be completed online via Skype.

Teen Pulse has grown into a drumline, color guard, novelty percussion, stomp, music theory, and jazz improv program that travels to multiple schools in the Inland Empire.

Coach K states “By continuing to exponentially spread our reputation for guiding teens who are usually labeled as "problems" into being positively contributing citizens of society, Teen Pulse will one day be bigger than Boy Scouts.  When our alumni apply for jobs and/or college, being associated with Teen Pulse will make a huge impact.”

Teen Pulse had Custom Sticker Makers print up some stickers for them, why? “Teenagers LOVE stickers!” says Coach K, who went on to explain that she chose CSM because “Everything was pretty easy and self-explanatory and our stickers came out perfectly.”

What a way to support the youth of today! We applaud Teen Pulse for positively impacting the lives of so many young people! Find out more about this wonderful organization at

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Custom Labels: Hood's BBQ Sauce Looks as Great as it Tastes!

We all love delicious home cooked, comfort food, and located in Southern Chester County Pennsylvania, you will find exactly this; an eatery named Hood's BBQ & Deli, LLC. 

Hood’s specializes in slow roasted BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches, as well as a large variety of delicatessen style sandwiches. They have been in the food industry for over 20 years, and put an emphasis on providing their customers and the local community with a clean and friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy consistently good, home cooked food.

Hood’s BBQ was referred to Custom Sticker Makers by a customer who had used them in the past. “CSM offers a fast and easy way to do everything online. They made our BBQ Sauce Labels and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out! Our customers love the new bottles! CSM was an obvious choice when choosing who to have make our labels. They are fast, efficient, and customer friendly. Their prices are fair and competitive to boot!” said Larry Hood, owner of Hood’s BBQ.

You can visit them online at, or better yet, stop in an grab one of their famous ‘Hoodies’, a generous portion of slow roasted pulled pork, smothered in homemade Hood's BBQ sauce, with melted sharp provolone cheese, and sweet homemade coleslaw, all nestled together between a freshly baked Kaiser roll.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Skaters Love Stickers: And We Love High Rollin'

Based out of Las Vegas, NV, Independent skateboard brand, High Rollin' Skateboards specializes in providing Pro-Quality skateboard decks with graphics representing a High Rollin' lifestyle.

High Rollin’ uses their stickers mainly as a promotional item to help get the word out about their brand. They hand them out at events and every High Rollin' order comes with free stickers. And they just sent a bunch of free sticker packs to their most recent clients!

The guys over at High Rollin’ choose Custom Sticker Makers for all of their sticker printing needs. Chris, with High Rollin’ Skateboards says he uses CSM for “Cost, quality, durability, turnaround time. Also, they are full color without additional setup fees per color.”

These are definitely some of our favorite stickers to print! If you skate, be sure to visit High Rollin’ online at

Friday, October 21, 2011

"Your Mom Doesn't Work Here" : How Custom Stickers Work for PMB

There is nothing worse than walking into your gym to work out, and not being able to find the equipment you need, or even worse, using dirty equipment. Brightly colored custom stickers help remind gym goers to return and clean their equipment when they are finished, which increases membership retention and acquisition.
New Jersey based Put Me Back, was inspired by the common problems you see at almost every gym. Whether the gym is part of an exclusive country club, national chain, hotel workout room, college, military, government, corporate or local fitness center, Put Me Back carries a line of color coded durable stickers which remind members to return equipment back to the correct place, or clean cardio equipment after use.

Put Me Back can create custom solutions for any type of gym or packaging need, and are also expanding into other industries to help with packaging solutions, inventory stickers, warning labels, safety decals, etc.

“Custom Sticker Makers takes our artwork and creates durable, professional products. Our stickers are our brand unless we create a branded solution for a customer. Colors and messaging are unique to our products. They (CSM) have provided us with professional quality at an affordable price. The use of eco-friendly materials & processes as well as being located in the US was also crucial in our decision.”