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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bebe Dulce: Sweet Stuff Babies & Moms

Bebe Dulce means “sweet baby” and Bebe Dulce carries some of the sweetest stuff for babies and Moms you’re likely to find anywhere. Started by Claire Eads of Aspen, CO, in the fall of 2008, the Bebe Dulce line of appliqu├ęd onesies, pacifier clips, princess tutus and gifts for Moms is now sold in 25 stores in four states, and has also been written up on the Gerber Babies blog, Aspen Peak Magazine, and Austin Kidbits, to name just a few.

For a company that took its first babysteps amid the economic blackout of 2008, Bebe Dulce has prospered to a surprising degree. It seems that even in a down economy, people are still looking for unique baby-stuff that’s supersoft and easy to clean. But stylish and innovative branding in the form of custom stickers doesn’t seem to have hurt this start-up, either: Bebe Dulce uses custom stickers to add their logo and information to all of their gift bags—as labels on their body relaxation products—and even to seal their gift wrapping!
“I choose CSM for our sticker needs because you are reliable and fast,” said Claire Eads. “Typically, I need my stickers in a hurry. I just add a note on my order of when I need it and it is always here!”

Monday, December 7, 2009

I Pledge Eco: Fashion Forward Green

If you’ve ever shopped for environmentally-responsible apparel online, you may have found yourself cringing at the preponderance of super-crunchy granola-wear in earth-tone hues. Eco-freaks Bobby Buivid and Chris Dauphin did—so they decided to create their own line of organic apparel, with a focus on modern cuts and colors that hit the fashion mark.

I Pledge Eco currently offers a range of “couture-cut” t-shirts featuring their original designs on top-of-the-line, sweatshop-free, US-assembled organic cotton (grown in Texas) printed with water-based inks. In the future, they plan to offer a complete line of apparel for men and women formulated to the same exacting standards.
The idea behind their logo and their label, I Pledge Eco, is that when we make a public commitment to going green, we’re more likely to carry through on our own best intentions. It’s a concept that’s apparently had a lot of resonance for a lot of people, with sales of the I Pledge Eco logo t-shirt outpacing all other designs. So they decided to take that great logo one step further by turning it into an iconic sticker that accompanies each and every t-shirt they sell.
Why CSM? “We looked around at a lot of other companies for our stickers,” said Bobby Buivid. “As a green company, we appreciate CSM’s commitment to using environmentally-friendly inks and printing processes.”
He notes that since the I Pledge Eco’s demographic trends young, their stickers are a popular addition to skateboards, snowboards, bikes and laptops.