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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mop Top Skate Shop Skateboard Stickers Rock!

Mop Top Skate Shop is a Salinas, CA-based family business run by two generations of skaters, the first of which dates back all the way back to the birth of the sport in the 1970’s. The original intention was simply to start an online skateshop, but as their inventory—full of names like Alien Workshop, Dogtown, Element, Plan B, Independent and Zoo York—began to outgrow their showroom, the folks behind Mop Top decided to open a retail store as well. They pride themselves on offering quality decks, trucks, wheels, bearing and accessories at affordable prices because they believe that “everybody should be able to skate with what they want, not with what they can afford.”

Stickers are big in the skateboard world, so custom stickers are an intrinsic part of Mop Top’s marketing. Both online and retail customers receive a distinctive Mop Top Skate Shop sticker with each and every purchase, and Mop Top also hands them out at skating events. When those stickers wind up on bumpers, laptops, water-bottles and yes, skateboards, Mop Top makes more friends and gains more exposure.

According to Michael of Mop Top, the company chose Custom Sticker Makers based on price and quality. More specifically, “The prices are good and the sticker colors won’t fade or wear off in the rain.” An important consideration if your stickers need to hold up to years of creative outdoor abuse...