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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blue Ocean Yachting: Stickers Seen 'Round the World

Yachting is the dream of many people from around the world. For Luke Hammond--who currently serves as the First Officer on a 171' yacht with a gloal itinerary--it's a way of life. His dream was to fill the need for a global yachting portal on the Worldwide Web with information, news and social networking opportunities serving the global maritime industry.

Towards that end, Hammond teamed up with a younger sibling, who happened to have a background in advertising and design. The website, Blue Ocean Yachting, which was launched Feb 2010, features breaking news on sport sailing, piracy, and famous boats spotted worldwide, among other things--along with social networking, information and resources for the jet set who sail the ocean blue. The business is virtual, but it's based (like so many great luxury yachts) out of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Hammond's strategy for using custom stickers is simple: he makes sure they get placed in ports and destinations for yachting types all over the world, guerilla marketing style. As of now, you're likely to find stickers for Blue Ocean Yachting all over the Caribbean ports, including Sint Maarten, the British and US Virgin Islands; soon, you'll find them in ports all over Europe.

"Using Custom Sticker Makers was easy and cost effictive," said Hammond. "As well, the stickers came out just the way my artwork had shown them to be."

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