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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

24/7 Customer Service = QR Code Custom Stickers

If you have resided in a College dormitory within the last 11 years, you are most likely familiar with US Postal Solutions, Inc.

Since 2000, US Postal Solutions, Inc. has offered student housing mail delivery management services for on- and off-campus student (and military) housing. 

They now service over 37,500 residents daily in 10 different states, offering management of customized daily mail delivery, and customer service by smart phone, website and 24/7/365 live-operator, toll free customer service. 

Recently, US Postal Solutions had Custom Sticker Makers produce custom stickers to be used as specific permanent notices for their client's residents. They have printed stickers offering direction for outgoing and misdirected mail, and the latest stickers include a QR code, directing residents to their mobile customer service website once they scan the code with their mobile device.

US Postal Solutions chose Custom Sticker Makers as their sticker printer because “We like the easy upload, verification and printing process; plus we enjoy the customized customer service that we receive”.
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