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Thursday, July 29, 2010

SB 1070 Sticker Wars! Part 3: Voices from the Left

With the recent announcement that key provisions of SB 1070 state law will be blocked, subject to
a preliminary injunction by Federal District Court Judge Susan Bolton, Arizona's controversial immigration law is once again in the news. Governor Jan Brewer says Arizona will appeal this decision in the Supreme Court, but for now, much of the bill remains unenforceable.

Of course, like all highly charged political issues, this one is being debated on the nation's bumpers. In the last installment of our SB 1070 Sticker Wars! series, we brought you some of the more creative sticker designs from the red side of the political spectrum. Now we bring you a few of the stickers that can be found on the bumpers of those celebrating this week, in Arizona and beyond.

No SB1070--The Show Me Your Papers State
By playing on the design of the Arizona license plate, this sticker makes a statement about how SB 1070 has caused the state to be viewed in some other areas of the country.

We Are Human
Shepherd Fairey, the street artist who came to national recognition for his iconic portrait of Obama during the 2008 election, has created a series of designs opposing SB 1070, one of which appears here.

I Could Be Illegal
These small, round stickers from Cafe Press, come in packs of 10 and are designed to be worn on clothing,
 outerwear and hats.

Have a favorite SB 1070 sticker, from either end of the political spectrum? Custom Sticker Makers wants to know! Leave a link in the comment box and it could be featured in the next installment of our Sticker Wars! 


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