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Friday, July 16, 2010

Stuff We Like: iPhone Stickers Personalize, Prevent Dropped Calls

iPhone stickers--some are lovely, some unique. Some actually claim to protect your phone from those pesky dropped calls.

For pure aesthetics, it's hard to beat the fine selection of iPhone stickers/skins and accompanying wallpapers from Skinizi. Featuring international artists like Anita Meija, Anne-Julie and Otto Bjornik--including noted street-artists like Dare--these stickers are made of thin vinyl utilizing 3M adhesive for no-residue removal. (They're also available for other devices, like the iPod, MacBook, PC laptops and more.) As an added bonus, Skinizi also allows you to design your own skins, whether for art or promotion.

However, if you're one of those iPhone 4 users sick of losing calls--and sick of hearing Steve Jobs tell you not to hold it that way--there's a more utilitarian iPhone sticker out there, designed just for you. Named, cornily but memorably, There's a Wrap for That, it's a sticker designed to fit around the perimeter of your iPhone, which manufacturers claim will help to reduce the number of dropped calls.

Link Skinizi's sticker skins, There's a Wrap for That features 3M vinyl for easy removal. It apparently fits the unique contour of the iPhone, completely covering the perimeter of the phone and preventing "death grip" syndrome--with cut outs, of course, for speakers, SIMs cards, headphones, etc. Do they work? Personally, we haven't tested their claims--but for those who've already invested in the latest iPhone, it may be worth the $10.00 for two of these stickers just to find out.