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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bumperstickers, Plato and You: If You Can Read This...The Philosophy of Bumper Stickers

There are those who may think political bumperstickers, philosophical or just plain funny bumperstickers are a less than serious form of discourse. But at least one thinker with real academic credentials seems to take them seriously: Jack Bowen, author of If You Can Read This: the Philosophy of Bumper Stickers, (which comes to us via Websticker's Marketing and Custom Sticker Blog).

Mr. Bowen--a graduate from Stanford University and holds a Masters Degree in Philosophy from California State University--has dedicated his big brain to dissecting the deep thoughts behind such common sentiments as:

If Ignorance Is Bliss, Why Aren't More People Happy?
At Least The War On The Environment Is Going Well
Less Bark: More Wag
Don't Believe Everything You Think

From the website:
"Long before blogs, tweets, and sound-bites, people were telling the world how they felt in brief, blunt bursts of information plastered on the backs of their cars. Whether they're political or religious, passionate or proud, controversial or corny, these brightly-colored, boldly-lettered mini manifestoes are declarations of who we are, where we stand, and what we'd rather be doing. But as bestselling author and noted philosopher Jack Bowen reveals, there's much more to this pop-culture phenomenon than rolling one-liners and drive-by propaganda--no less, in fact, than a wise, funny, poignant, contentious, and truthful discourse on the human condition."

This book has received some great reviews and we're looking forward to reading it here at Custom Sticker Makers.

Curious? The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indie Bound, and elsewhere.

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