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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Annals of Sticktivism: I Park Like an Idiot

Most of our posts from the wide world of Sticktivism deal with people doing their best to make the world a better place with stickers. (Yes.) Through Journalism Warning Labels, for example, or These Come From Trees.

These stickers, however, don't want to save the world. They just want to provide some stress relief for the driving public.

Now you, too, can turn your annoyance at the sheer stupidity of those who park badly into an instant laugh, for yourself and others. Just keep your I Park Like an Idiot stickers handy, when you see someone hogging two parking spots, blocking traffic, missing those white lines by a mile (or in any other way parking like an idiot) just pull out one of these stickers while no one's looking and...well, we didn't tell you to do it.

I Park Like an Idiot stickers are 10 x 3 inches and bright yellow, so no one will be able to miss them--and they're low-tac, so they're not that hard for the offending driver to remove. Available in packs of 20 for $10.

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