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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Warning: Rabid Aardvarks Gaining Popularity in Wisconsin

The Rabid Aardvarks (in case you were wondering) is a band that covers contemporary pop and modern country songs with female vocals. They're also pretty popular in their native Wisconsin, where they went home with the Wisconsin Area Musician's Industry (WAMI) People's Choice Award for 2011.  

The present incarnation of the band got its start back in 2006 with the goal of becoming one of the top cover bands in Wisconsin. Since that time the group has evolved, picking up rabid (yes) fans everywhere it goes, as well as a number of nominations from WAMI.

Like most bands that know what's good for them, a big part of what the Aardvarks do off-stage is brand management--a.k.a., helping to build awareness of the band and driving traffic to their website, where fans can connect via newsletter and text updates, or via the band's Facebook page

Kevin Machan of the Aardvarks told us, "I've always used custom stickers for band promotion going back to the early 90s, but the uniqueness of our current mascot design put me on the search for someone who could do relatively short-run, high graphics, which are a terrific fit to CSM's digital process."

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