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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Laptop Stickers: MacSlaps Class Up Your Apple

First, we brought you Stick with Me, Baby -- now we bring you another (and definitely classier) option for personalizing your Mac while highlighting that iconic apple logo: MacSlaps! 

These laptop stickers are all built around the backlit Mac logo, and each utilizes it differently. There are designs that put the apple to work in obvious ways -- Snow White's apple, for example, or the apple gobbled up by Pac Man on his way through that pesky maze -- but also those that place an apple where you wouldn't expect one (behind a drum kit, or on the hood of a VW bug).

All of these stickers are constructed of tough vinyl and leave no residue when peeling off. They also work with the clean lines of your Mac by focusing on silhouettes, rather than detailed images.

MacSlaps! come in 28 different designs and sell for $24.00 apiece.

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