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Friday, April 8, 2011

'Medible' Packaging: A Piece of Bliss Has a Posse

In the state of California, medicinal marijuana is legal when prescribed by a doctor--and so are medical marijuana dispensaries, where patients who wish to avoid the negative health effects of smoking have their pick of food and drinks infused with cannabis. This gave twenty year-old college student Kathryn Masuoka an idea--why not put her baking skills to work in creating a line of homemade medicinal marijuana edibles?

Thus did Kathryn and her best friend create A Piece of Bliss, full of goodies like chocolate-covered strawberry brownies, candy, and banana bread--all infused with cannabis oil and/or cannabis tinctures. While A Piece of Bliss is still in its infancy, as far as the business goes, Kathryn had taken note that most 'medibles' in state-approved marijuana dispensaries came in boring packaging that did little to distinguish them. As a person who takes pride in what she bakes, she knew she wanted her goodies to stand out.

Towards that end, Kathryn figured custom stickers were worth a shot--and after some time spent on Google, she was impressed by how inexpensive they were to produce. Her packaging design draws inspiration from well-known street artist Shepard Fairey's "Andre the Giant" stickers, while speaking to the good vibes and relaxation products her baked goods are known to produce.

"I'm not an experienced sticker-maker by any means, so I wasn't really sure what to expect," she told us. "But the day I received those stickers, I was a very happy girl, let me tell you."

You can find A Piece of Bliss on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Blogspot. (Just search A Peace of Bliss)

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