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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jefita Plushies: Cute Characters, Smart Stickers

Amy Monteith studied to be an engineer, but in the end, she just couldn't bring herself to give up her artistic side--and we're so very glad she didn't! About three years ago she combined her skills as an illustrator and her crafty side in an Etsy shop under her online moniker "Jefita" and began selling all manner of adorable handmade stuffed animals, or "plushies."

What started out as a source of income on the side has now grown into a full time job for for Amy. As of today, you can choose from the Jefita line of cuddly creatures--Batholomew the Bad Bunny, perhaps, or Cheshire Cat the Tiny--or dream up your custom stuffed animal, as Monteith takes commissions (such as the laptop plushie bag, pictured).

While Amy's business is primarily through the internet, she needed a way to direct people to her website when she was out and about in the real world. Traditional business cards were fine, but fun plushie animals deserved fun promo materials--i.e., custom stickers. She'd become interested in Quick Response (QR) codes and loves stickers, so she decided to try combining the two. 

Will Amy's innovative new sticker design inspire people to pull out their smartphones and scan the code--and discover her work? Monteith hasn't passed out enough of them to know that yet, but in good marketing form, she has set up her website,, to be able to track traffic originating from her stickers.

"I wanted somewhere that had a quality product and would allow me to affordably 'try out' a batch of stickers," she told us. "Custom Sticker Makers offered exactly what I wanted. I was thrilled with the results and look forward to trying out some die cut designs eventually."

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