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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Temecula Wedding Photographer Patrick Anibaldi: Stickers That Take the Cake

Anyone who's ever gone through the effort and expense of a wedding--plus, of course, the joy and beauty--knows that, in the end, it's all about the pictures. The right wedding photographer can make all the difference, and in Temecula, California, that photographer is Patrick Anibaldi.

Anibaldi's photographic style is creative, fun, and artistic. Rather than settling for the basic, canned shots, Anibaldi focuses on capturing the moments and emotions of a wedding as they unfold, creating a visual narrative that speaks for itself. He's been photographing weddings since 2007 and reports that he's fallen in love with both the technical and artistic sides of it. To Anibaldi, a great wedding is not necessarily a "Platinum Wedding" (i.e., one with a lot of bling) but one that has a "real-life love story begging to be told."

When customers work with Anibaldi, one of the final products they receive is a collection of wedding images on a CD. While the disk itself may not look like much, it is, in many ways, priceless--so the packaging materials need to help convey the value of the product. In order to accomplish this, Anibaldi knew he needed high-quality custom stickers.

Why Custom Sticker Makers? "I can upload my own design and choose the size of sticker I want," said Anibaldi. "Plus, ordering through the website is simple and the quality of the stickers is top-notch!"

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