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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guerilla Marketing Tactics That Stick

A lot of people are interested in guerilla marketing, but not that many people are all that clear on what it is, much less how to do it.
While the definition of a form of marketing that is, by definition, “out of the box” will always be changing and evolving, it’s safe to say that guerilla marketing is, at its base, marketing that is unexpected and therefore doesn’t roll off our eyeballs like water off a duck’s back.

Towards that end, custom stickers—a medium that can wind up just about anywhere in public life—are a prime tactic for a well thought-out, clever guerilla marketing. In fact, custom stickers (we prefer to think beyond the bumper) have been noted as one of the Top Ten Guerilla Marketing Tactic You Should Be Using (this post actually covers 50, but custom stickers is in the top 10!)

To provide some inspiration, as well as a few rules of thumb for all you aspiring guerilla marketers out there, check out these cool pix, from the blog of Francesco Mugnai. While these aren't built around custom stickers specifically, each of them is "applicable to what's stickable."

Free Air Guitar! Lesson: If people have to stop and think about it, you’ve got them.

Highland Games—Lesson: Subject/object agreement. What could you do with a custom sticker designed specifically to create a visual illusion when placed on a laptop? How about a bike, or skateboard, or? The possibilities are endless…

Coffee Taste Like Crap? Lesson: Placement, placement, placement. Along the same lines, what could you do with a sticker specifically designed to enter public space, via a stop sign, a bathroom stall, or trash can?

Got a great example of guerilla marketing with custom stickers? We’d love to see your pix! Hit us up at

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