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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Custom Bicycle Stickers: Levity406 has the right idea!

We have been printing  Levity406’s custom bike stickers for a few years now, and we recently interviewed them about their company and custom sticker needs. Here’s what they had to say: 

lev·i·ty  (lev´i tē), n. 1. lightness of mind, character, or behavior, esp. lack of appropriate seriousness or earnestness.
406 (four-oh-six), n.  1.  Montana’s area code.

“ ‘Levity406’ is a partnership formed as an exercise in solidarity between bicyclists. (And as a possible channel for partners, Will and Eric, to transcend abject poverty—a weird wanderjahr that has us travelling hopefully without the prospect of ever arriving.)  By applying our sociological imaginations we have come to better understand the relationship between life on a juiced up hobby horse and the built environment—five ‘o’clock traffic and all.  Specifically, we try to locate that point which lies at the intersection of bicyclists and our car culture.  It is at that point that we encourage solidarity among bicyclists by designing and dispensing articles of symbolic communications.  The medium is a billboard writ small, intelligent, simple and poignant stickers."

“Bumper stickers have long entertained, infuriated, and sometimes dismayed the occupants of the car behind!  Levity406 stickers are the logical extension of bumper stickers for bicyclists—and that’s what we do.  The three Levity406 bike stickers are our business!”

When we asked why he chooses CSM for all of their custom sticker printing needs, owner Eric,  went on to say – “CSM has been awesome!  Friendly ink,  quality stickers, quick turnaround, terribly nice people—need I say more?”

You can view and purchase these custom bicycle stickers online at:  for individual sticker sales  for wholesale (20 pack)

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