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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Branding: Howie's Hockey Tape Knows How

If you own your own company, you know the importance of branding, and what better way to brand your business than inexpensive custom stickers?
Based in Grand Rapids, MI, right in the heart of hockey country, is Howie’s Hockey Tape. Howie’s sells high quality hockey tape, laces, and mouth-guards to individuals, pro shops and even universities across the country. And they give away stickers with every order, increasing their name and brand recognition with each shipment that is sent (And the stickers look great too). 

Howie’s Hockey Tape chooses Custom Sticker Makers as their sticker printer because they “appreciate the quality of the stickers” that we provide. 

So, if you or your team or school is in the market for the highest quality hockey tape, laces and more, check them out, and get some awesome custom stickers with your order!

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