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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This Car Leaves No Tracks: The Bumpsticker w/Green Street Cred

Want to cut your carbon footprint, but can't afford one of those shiny new electric cars? Fear not--you can offset the greenhouse gases produced by your ride by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits through, an organization dedicated to helping people help the environment.

The idea for NoTracks arose from a larger project John Lund and friends were working on a few years ago. Seeking a simple fund raiser, they came up with a bumper sticker campaign aimed at offsetting the carbon emissions associated with transportation. Before long, however, they realized that this kind of carbon offsetting project was an important mission in and of itself.

Given the magnitude of the environmental challenge, a big part of helping people help the environment is helping them to get others to do the same, and NoTracks bumper stickers are a critical part of the equation. When people choose to offset their vehicles' carbon emissions through this organization, they receive a bumper sticker they can put on their car that lets others know about the green choice they've made--and, of course, where they can go to do the same.

Why Custom Sticker Makers? "Initially it was all about the cost, so we could do more with the money from each sale," John told us. "After finding your site, though, we really liked the efforts CSM makes towards lowering its own impact on the environment. Using inks without VOCs, recycling and reusing your trimmings, even the thinner backing paper your stickers are made on... these were all things we were happy to find." 

We're honored that the organization actually quotes from Custom Sticker Makers green sticker printing policy on its website, proud, of course, to print these stickers!

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