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Monday, December 6, 2010

Laptop Stickers Pimp Your MacBook (Logo)

We all know Mac enthusiasts are a little different. Now there's a way for them to show the world (and each other) just how different they are, by pimping their Macbooks with laptop stickers from StickWithMeBaby.

StickWithMeBaby is a collection of laptop stickers designed to personalize the apple logo on your MacBook with into something resembling a cartoon head. Each of these heads have plenty of attitude, and come in three distinct categories: Bros, Hos, and Mos.

(While women everywhere will certainly take issue with the title of the second category, there's no denying, it's got a certain ring to it. There's also no denying that these stickers are hilarious.)

The Creepy Uncle

The Horny Librarian
The Stick With Me Baby line of laptop stickers for the Mac is the brainchild of Herraizsoto&Co, an independent creative agency based in Barcelona that's done work for folks like IKEA and BMW.  Stickers are interchangeable, low-tac, and will run you around $10 a piece (8 Euro).

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