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Monday, December 7, 2009

I Pledge Eco: Fashion Forward Green

If you’ve ever shopped for environmentally-responsible apparel online, you may have found yourself cringing at the preponderance of super-crunchy granola-wear in earth-tone hues. Eco-freaks Bobby Buivid and Chris Dauphin did—so they decided to create their own line of organic apparel, with a focus on modern cuts and colors that hit the fashion mark.

I Pledge Eco currently offers a range of “couture-cut” t-shirts featuring their original designs on top-of-the-line, sweatshop-free, US-assembled organic cotton (grown in Texas) printed with water-based inks. In the future, they plan to offer a complete line of apparel for men and women formulated to the same exacting standards.
The idea behind their logo and their label, I Pledge Eco, is that when we make a public commitment to going green, we’re more likely to carry through on our own best intentions. It’s a concept that’s apparently had a lot of resonance for a lot of people, with sales of the I Pledge Eco logo t-shirt outpacing all other designs. So they decided to take that great logo one step further by turning it into an iconic sticker that accompanies each and every t-shirt they sell.
Why CSM? “We looked around at a lot of other companies for our stickers,” said Bobby Buivid. “As a green company, we appreciate CSM’s commitment to using environmentally-friendly inks and printing processes.”
He notes that since the I Pledge Eco’s demographic trends young, their stickers are a popular addition to skateboards, snowboards, bikes and laptops.

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