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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gallup Journey: Good News for the Southwest

Looking for some good news for a change? If you happen to live in the Gallup, New Mexico/Four Corners area, you’re in luck. The Gallup Journey is a free publication with a focus on the positive, especially as it applies to the local community. Within its pages, you’ll find everything from a story about mountain-climbing with (house)cats to reviews of local restaurants, fiction, and a feature on a 3rd grade karate champ—along with columns on hiking trails, local history, and more.
Founded by Nate Haveman and Chuck Van Drunen in 2004, the publication has grown in popularity over the years, with distribution now at 12,000 copies a month. Key to the Gallup Journey’s promo strategy has been their use of custom stickers, marketing not only their publication, but its underlying message: "Believe [in] Gallup." It’s an eye-catching message that’s been the basis of a guerilla marketing campaign for the publication, appearing everywhere from the McDonald’s drive-thru to stop signs in downtown Gallup.
“I knew Jeff [of Custom Sticker Makers] from years ago, when we ordered some die-cuts,” said Nate. “They were sharp-looking stickers, and well-received. So when we needed new stickers, we went with CSM.”

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