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Friday, October 2, 2009

Mana Energy: Potion of Choice for Discerning Gamers

Mana Energy Potion looks like exactly what it is: an energy potion from a fantasy game come to life. The brainchild of gamers Aaron Rasmussen and Eli Szasz, Mana is a new energy drink that comes in a supercool little potion bottle about the size of a bottle of mini-booze that packs a 5-8 hour punch.

Specifically developed by gamers for gamers, Mana is popular with both the video-gaming and role-playing crowd, as it allows them to “level up” their energy without losing points and concentration by uh, having to go to the can.

The folks at Mana are super-savvy with their marketing, and it shows: after just two years in business, Mana and its sister drink, Health Energy Potion, are now distributed at Hot Topic, Spencer’s Gifts and ThinkGeek, as well as at comic book stores from coast to coast.

Their killer marketing strategy? Sponsorships (of conventions, LAN parties and bar nights), social networking and viral videos featuring ingenious “how to” hacks (of everything from the Nerf gun to the Wii) and of course, custom stickers printed by Custom Sticker Makers. At the gaming convention Comicon alone, they distributed nearly a thousand of their distinctive die-cut stickers.

“We looked around and tried a few other companies,” says John Brence of Mana Potions, “but when I talked with Jeff and Daniel, it was just like talking to a friend. They worked with us and gave us exactly what we needed.”


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