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Friday, October 16, 2009

Deckstool: Recycled Skateboard Furniture

The Deckstool is not a stool that goes on your deck, although it could be. It is, in fact, far cooler: a stool made out of recycled skateboard decks, produced by skilled craftsmen in what is arguably the skateboard capital of the East Coast: Philadelphia, PA.

The Deckstool started when Jason Podlaski’s brother handed him a pile of his old, broken skateboards and said, “Make me a piece of furniture.” Five years later, the Deckstool has garnered Interior Design Magazine’s Future Furniture Award, as well as the attention of both Playboy Magazine (September 2009 issue) and that fount of all man-things noteworthy and momentous,

Deckstool has printed a number of different stickers with Custom Sticker Makers, including their logo, which is (you guessed it) a Deskstool. Their latest design takes a different approach: it’s the DeckReaper (the Grim Reaper dressed up as the Statue of Liberty.) It’s raison d’etre? To encourage skaters in the greater Philly area to recycle their old decks. (Deckstool pays dividends to skateshops for helping them to keep pallet-loads of busted boards out of the landfills.)

Why CSM? Jason Podlaski says, “You guys were reasonably priced, and when we got in a pinch a couple of times, you turned our stickers around in just a few days.”

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