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Friday, October 21, 2011

"Your Mom Doesn't Work Here" : How Custom Stickers Work for PMB

There is nothing worse than walking into your gym to work out, and not being able to find the equipment you need, or even worse, using dirty equipment. Brightly colored custom stickers help remind gym goers to return and clean their equipment when they are finished, which increases membership retention and acquisition.
New Jersey based Put Me Back, was inspired by the common problems you see at almost every gym. Whether the gym is part of an exclusive country club, national chain, hotel workout room, college, military, government, corporate or local fitness center, Put Me Back carries a line of color coded durable stickers which remind members to return equipment back to the correct place, or clean cardio equipment after use.

Put Me Back can create custom solutions for any type of gym or packaging need, and are also expanding into other industries to help with packaging solutions, inventory stickers, warning labels, safety decals, etc.

“Custom Sticker Makers takes our artwork and creates durable, professional products. Our stickers are our brand unless we create a branded solution for a customer. Colors and messaging are unique to our products. They (CSM) have provided us with professional quality at an affordable price. The use of eco-friendly materials & processes as well as being located in the US was also crucial in our decision.”

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