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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stuff We Like: Nuanced Bumper Stickers

Not the type to rock a bumper sticker? Perhaps your views are simply too nuanced--or ambivalent--for the type of stickers you've seen tooling around town.

Zazzle understands that not everyone identifies with the type of sentiments that commonly characterize the nation's bumpers. Their solution is a special section called Nuanced, Ambivalent, or Guarded, which features sentiments such as...

..."I fervently hope the local squadron defeats the out-of-town squadron in the upcoming sporting contest"...

..."I attended or am otherwise affiliated with a creditable university, to which I give my continued allegiance"...

and the classic, "I support one of the leading political candidates, but that's about all I'd like to say about the matter for now."

Fair enough!

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