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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sneaker Sticks: Vans Fansite Goes Off the Wall

Bill Cruz is man with a passion for sneakers--Vans, in particular. A few years back, he discovered a number of kindred souls online, many of them Vans collectors, all of them part of a bigger sneaker subculture that's seen rapid growth over the last decade. Together, they created a web forum for fans of all things Vans, now in its second incarnation at

Since launching the new site last year, Bill-and friends have amassed about 550 daily hits on average to their blog, and grown a forum to the 200 member mark. Clearly, there are a lot of people with a passion for Vans. The question, of course, was how to reach more of them. 

Custom stickers were a natural fit for a  fansite promoting this brand, as custom stickers have long been a staple of the streetwear clothing industry (which no doubt appreciates the free advertising on skateboards, BMX bikes, and the like). In creating a sticker for the Off The Wall Site, Bill and company took an iconic Vans model and produced a die-cut version of it, with their website across the sidewall of the shoe. 

Why Custom Sticker Makers? Bill--officially known as DJGaumstyles--was looking for a sticker site that was willing to do small orders, as most sites require a 1000 minimum--far more than they needed to get started. "I have never ordered stickers before, ever, but ordering from you guys was so seamless, and quick, that I will definitely be using you guys again, and I will refer others for sure," he told us. Apparently, CSM's prices didn't hurt, either. "Your prices are the cheapest around, but make no mistake, we are getting well more than what we pay for, when ordering from you guys!"

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