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Monday, May 3, 2010

Miss Wit Will Bring It: Smart Branding to a T

Miss Wit (a.k.a. Deborah Goldstein) seems to have a knack for, in her words, “hitting the zeitgeist on a whim and prayer.” It started back March of 2003, when she made a few shirts for friends with the simple statement: "And I want to thank Harvey Weinstein," as a joke. The shirt was on display for just one day in a Brooklyn boutique, but a reporter from The New York Observer happened to observe it. The shirt was subsequently featured on E! News Live, The New York Post and CNBC. Some wit, a good name and a domain, and thus was Miss Wit born.
There are a whole lot of smart and sassy t-shirt designs available through her website, but the best shirt the Brooklyn-based Ms. Goldstein has to offer may be your own. That’s right: her “underground branding brigade” stands ready to turn its quick wit and graphic skills to your business or nonprofit t-shirt design. (They’ll handle getting them printed, too.)

As connoisseurs of great branding, we’re big fans of Miss Wit. Anyone who has ever tried advertising on a t-shirt understands (or found out the hard way) that it’s not about slapping your logo on a shirt, it’s about making a shirt that people actually want to wear. By offering grassroots organizers and entrepreneurs the kind of creative services normally associated with the big, expensive halls of a professional advertising agency, Miss Wit offers smart branding for everyone.

As far as custom stickers go, Miss Wit includes them in every shipment, as well as on her bags at fairs, festivals and markets. And don’t tell anyone, but she also does a "stick up" whenever she can, be it on bathroom walls or street posts. She also reports that small children love her stickers so much they stick them directly on their faces.

Why Custom Sticker Makers, oh, Miss Wit? “So far,” said Goldstein, “price, quality and great timing!”

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